Set of 3 FC St. Pauli Gegen Rechts with Scarf Flag 90 x 120 cm) and Embossed Metal Lapel Pin – Black

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‘St. Pauli, it more than a club, a life motto – we live, we like it. Might not be top of the league, but top in the heart, enchant us the boys in brown time and again. Not only for football fans of the club is a Model when it comes to social engagement and bedingungsloser fan love. “Saint Pauli” is more than just a football club, it’s you have come to the right of the Hanseatic city and is loved by tourists and people alike. Modern Living and tradition Click on each other. “Saint Pauli” stands for Multi Kulti and freedom. Here are the entire fans cleaning: “On enemy and freezer? No thanks..
Against the Rassismus and for a together set will make a club and pendant for years and that is the reason what the community of the FC St. Pauli Hamburg So Adorable and essential for the beautiful.
With this fan set from soft winter scarf – in black, white and red, the large flag for swirling and with a badge for jacket, bag and co. Makes even your remark and showing off your suit everyone, what you stand.

Bundle of 3 Original Merchandise from the hamburger Football Club, perfect for your next visit to the mill Erntor Stadium
‘Jaquard Scarf: polyacrylic with large “St. Pauli fans against rechts, registered trademarks gegen properties Extremismus (Durchgestrichenes Celtic Cross Pendant) and the classic Swastika lettering Zerstörenden Faust
Pin: Top quality metal pin badge in silver and black (Nickle Plated), about 23 mm diameter, with butterfly clasp
Flag: Polyester Flags with large remark (flag Screen Print); 90 x 120 cm with hollow hem may also be used a wooden rod – Item is flag post included
Large set, great effect. Establish a sign against the right and for lots fan Love For The Magical FC, cohesion and community